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jonas jonaitis Retail classic Lineage 2 Interlude lietuviu projektas

[size=150] Lineage 2 Interlude, project of GGames.EU [/size]
It’s only one real retail Lineage 2 Interlude project. Our main project future is to offer real almost retail Lineage 2 gameplay,  it’s subscription-based project , like and real lineage 2 was, without any other donatable items. Without any long-term event and helpable items. All server rates, bosses’ spawns will be like and was in retail Lineage 2 Interlude chronicle.   [size=150]Grand Atharas server start in 2019-09-13 20:00 CEST time![/size] Main rates

 EXP/SP by Monsters:  Retail  EXP/SP by Raid Bosses:  Retail  Adena:  Retail  Seal Stone drop rate:  Retail  Herbs drop rate:  0% (won't drop)  Epic Bosses drop:  Retail  Drop:  Retail  Spoil:  Retail  Quest rates:  Retail [/list] More information in website:
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